Meanwhile, Air America’s fleet in Thailand accepted delivery of two more Hughes models—standard ones—and used them for air taxi operations. The Whirlpool Galaxy was replete with spiral structure and, as we continued our deep-sky tour, we could almost feel John Dobson beside us chuckling at our reaction to the views. Negotiations to end the year war had begun in March but stalled in part because South Vietnamese leaders feared that North Vietnam would invade not long after U. You Might Also Like. PS had been built to house Laotian commandos and the aircraft that flew them around.

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Lloyd George Anthony Lamothe Jr. From its intelligence work a year earlier, the CIA knew about a weak point in the North Vietnamese wall of security: Cyber Monday Newegg deals: Laptops by Caitlin Petrakovitz Nov 25, Interface Required Connector Type.

Some of the biggest threats to mission success came not from North Vietnamese army spies but from plain bad luck.

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Casterlin had a security clearance for special missions, but even he wasn’t told where the CIA had hidden the Quiet One. Because the Vinh tap would be sending its intercepts out of North Vietnam, across Laos, and into Thailand, it would need a solar-powered relay station that could catch and transmit the signal, broadcasting from high ground.

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Add an extra monitor to your computer Add an extra monitor to your computer by Donald Bell. The idea of using hushed helicopters in Southeast Asia came from may CIA’s Special Operations Division Air Branch, which wanted them to quietly drop off and pick up agents in enemy territory.

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Those listening to progress reports at PS, Udorn, and the Lima 40A refueling site were pleasantly startled to hear that the crew was on its way back and the tap was in place without a firefight, recalls Wayne Knight. Leaving the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and without being targeted by the anti-aircraft defenses along it, Lamothe and Smith climbed to cross the Annamese mountains, then dropped to follow the nap of msg earth, following streambeds when possible.

We homed in on Uranus and were rewarded mxg a lovely pale green ball instead of the usual view of a small disc.

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The Quiet One’s single, secret mission, conducted on December 5 and 6,fell outside Air America’s normal operations. At least one tap, placed on the night of March, was successful. Training for maag mission could not proceed without the relay, and joyful speculation spread among the ranks: The tree had to be tall, on high ground with a clear view of the western horizon, and flat at the crown.

Jupiter was spoiled by the low altitude and poor conditions in the early morning, yet the colours in its bands and the Great Red Spot were clearly visible.

The station would be within earshot of enemy patrols, so both the tap and relay would have to be dropped in by helicopter—a very quiet one.

You can 500 at any time.

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The approach to landing was memorable because the Quiet One used no landing lights; it relied on an infrared floodlight on the nose. The Twin Pack was much louder but also simpler to run and more powerful, so Air America used it for later wiretap missions in North Vietnam.


Glerum, he says, was a CIA “super-grade,” outranking many careerists at headquarters. Later, under dark skies, the M35 star cluster in Gemini filled the view of the 28mm and we msg coloured stars scattered throughout it.

So we only lost a few days. An emerging market for police patrols was at stake. The CIA had no plans to send the Quiet One up again, and within a week all the Americans connected with the mission and their equipment were on their way out of Laos.

PS stood for “Pakse Site,” a reference to the garrison town of Pakse, 18 miles to the southeast.

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More reassuring, the terrain was so steep and overgrown that the enemy could have stormed it from only one direction: The job of these plain-vanilla Loaches was to distract attention from the Quiet Ones before they even landed in Laos. With the moon entering the favorable phase, the rescue crews moved to a forward staging base in eastern Thailand while Lamothe, Smith, and the Quiet One remained at PS The light cast an eerie, ruddy glow. The helicopter had its own hangar so Soviet spyplanes and satellites could not get a look at the peculiar profile produced by the extra main rotor blade, a tail rotor with blades in an odd scissored configuration, and big muffler on the rear fuselage.

Video Input Digital Video Standard. Stephens flew to the spot by helicopter, slid down a rope, and helped technician Bob Lanning bag up the pieces.