Full SX specs through this translation link Both models feature: What’s the best Intel ultra-mobile CPU? Kohjinsha never fail to impress, plus its a good move to make two devices that have different specs to satisfy wider range of customers. But is is going to add wait and make it a less desirable form factor. And imho this just is the eason why umpcs still are not widely accepted. Recommended Reading 11 inch laptops. Latest products in our mobile pc database.

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It seems a good step to add 3G — will it be internal? Demo device on its way. Netbooks, to me, are designed for a flat surface and not for in-hand operations. And imho this just is the eason why umpcs still are not widely accepted.

Acer Aspire E11 ES1. Kohjinsha SC3 Specifications, images and news. Lenovo Ideapad Flex But when will Kohjinsha supply XP drivers? Latest products in our mobile pc database.

ASUS R70a7.

Kohjinsha SC & SX Models –

Latest products in our mobile pc database. I hope they have a 1. Did you try the relatively new drivers posted July 15th on Intel site? Even worse than that is when the device in question is high-quality in every other respect. Lenovo Ideapad Flex Most drivers that conics supplied on the sc3 hd works in xp as well so I think the functionality will be fine in xp.


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Chippy put this device through extensive real life […]. This size, and that of the Q1 Ultra I find to be ideal for one handed, two handed, tablet, bed, etc etc.

While these might be known models I have an SC3 myself and the SX4 is based on the existing SX3 there are a few important differences that make them more interesting than they were before. What’s the best Intel ultra-mobile CPU? I say for future reference as there are no XP drivers for the SC3 there at the moment. I posted a link in the Forum. Do I have a right-Alt key this time around? The only thing that does not is the sw hook to the brightness level and rotation, these can be changed within a Poulsbo gfx properties tabs though.

This thing is as useless as my HP TX notebook with its 2 hour battery life! Fortunately for me, I am usually near an outlet to keep it alive. Very nice article — just wondering whether this is your actual review, or whether we can expect something even more detailed in the coming days?


Holding the device as a tablet is also fairly comfortable. HP Elitebook G2. So if 2 hrs is not enough, and you are not a style concerned, that may be a good choice. My ordinary Acer laptop has craptastic battery life. Vye Computers in the UK ha. Samsung Q1EX7.

Recommended Reading 11 inch laptops. Mark I never get the e-mail notification from the forum system so I cannot post anything, have tried g and ymail. But the video playback problem could be the deal breaker for me, I will have to wait until the issue is fixed.