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Create the following Main class jdbd will create a new entry every time it is called. The default channel name is “EclipseLinkCommandChannel”. The mapping between Java objects and database tables is defined via persistence metadata.

Batch writing allows multiple heterogeneous dynamic SQL statements to be sent to the database as a single execution, or multiple homogeneous parameterized SQL statements to be executed as a single batch execution.

Ndbc is a specification and several implementations are available.

This can also be set as a System property or using a SessionCustomizer to avoid a separate persistence. The parameter value “create-or-extend-tables” For use with the “eclipselink. Initial number of connections in EclipseLink connection pool. Mutable basic eclipse,ink will prevent this.


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A XML configuration eclipsslink the annotations. Sets the multicast socket packet time to live. If the maximum size is reached, threads requiring a connection will wait until one is released back to the pool. The default port is Outside JavaEE you need to manage the entity manager yourself. Default caching properties – apply to all entities. The property must be specified in persistence.

Afterwards create the package “de. This is recommended when using EclipseLink’s internal connection pooling.

Allows the database schema to be generated on deployment. The platform specific SQL customizes join syntax, date operators, sequencing, Configures if updates should be ordered by primary key. Allows setting of NoSQL user property. The value is a full name for a class which implements SessionCustomizer.

By default any persistence unit containing at least one multitenant entity will cause this flag to be set to ‘false’. The value must be a string containing a zero or greater integer value. By default a unique session name is generated by EclipseLink, but the user can provide a customary session name – and make sure it’s unique.

ty | EclipseLink x Java Persistence API (JPA) Extensions Reference

Internal optimizations include caching of primary key and session, addition of a serialVersionUID if none exists, optimization of EclipseLink’s cloning strategy and optimization of the way EclipseLink gets and sets values from fields mapped as Basic.


By default the first file found at the resource name: A user defined connection pool can be configured or one jvbc the following system pools: It allows a set of configuration values to be configured as a single tuning option.

By default the prefix is not used. If the maximum size is reached, threads requiring a connection will wait until one is released back to the pool unless shared. It can be used to connect to a non standard connection pool, or provide additional customization in how a connection is obtained. It is normally recommended to have an index for a foreign key. Valid values are strings containing integers zero or greater.