The few spots I have checked out in the middle of the bay were all plain, sandy bottom. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. There were frequent winds from the North, which were quite soothing at night, but messed up the underwater visibility in Au Mai Ngam. Seafans Gorgonians are a natural habitat for the cute little fellas. They sit on top of the reef substrate and, as part of their feeding cycle, make calcium carbonate which is added to the reef structure below them. It was fun to swim close to the rocks on the East side and watch the waves break over them. There are some interesting photos in the Visitor Centre about how that little cape has grown and shrunk over the years.

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It is about a 20 minute walk. The main site, where the National Park headquarters is locatedis between numbers 3 and 4a on the map. I had a swim around it. What I saw was a mixed-bag of OK-ish coral at depths around metres.

There can be strong currents parallel to the beach and where you end up might be in India! This is the final run back into the main shipping, transport hub of Mae Haat. I found another long patch of really impressive, diverse coral here, similar to Area V2. Tezza exceeds his usual excellent standards in his comprehensive post about Ko Tao.


In a lot of places in the Surins, you can see the breakdown happening — the coral skeletons sitting, all broken-up, on the seabed.

British divers recognised on New Aircatd Honours list for brave Thai cave rescue. In the more remote parts of the island, the roads are not suitable for motorcyclists.

I saw some folks with kayaks, so I guess you can get them from the resort on Nang Yuan.

I like these guys — they often seem airfard be more inquisive than their moustachioed Titan cousins — always stopping to check over their shoulders while they are swimming away from you. The shallower parts of 1f are a popular spot for wading around in the evening, looking for goodies under the rocks and corals. I got surprisingly close to this one.

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I climbed out at the cove and had a quick peek into the forest. The beach on the South Side of the main camp is mainly used for boats coming and going and seems an unappealing area for snorkelling.

The coral grows on top of rocks, rather than as a discrete fringing reef. They were very timid, scuttling off towards the depths whenever I tried to take a picture. At low water, the kids of the National Park workers had walked out here and were trying to catch aircarf from it.


But you also see quite a few Yellowheads that have quite the darkened-spot on their backs, which is a bit perplexing. As you emerge from consuming your grasshopper in the Aircadr bar, you can go for a snorkel in the sheltered bay. There is a monstrous apartment block at A4.


It was too wide to swim around.

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Our boat dropped us halfway along Au Pak Khaad, m offshore. The coral in and near the Western swim zone V11 was Dtc, but nothing spectacular: Back on the East side of the current, this Pufferfish was cowering near a rock. The resulting sand-plains are good territory for millions of these Fiddler Crabs to hang out.

On the North side of the middle island near V4 a Titan Triggerfish was demolishing a sea urchin and a gathering of the local reef-fish-association was patiently waiting for the scraps.

One dive boat dac an hour later, but otherwise everything was deserted. For instance, I have no idea if the unlocking software will work with a Mac. I searched a lot for that giant seafan. Featherstars come out at dusk: The route 2k to 3 is shallow with a sandy bottom; small patches of hump coral; some sea-grasses and low-visibility. I guess this is an extension to Charm Charee Village.

Unfortunately, neither of them do it for long enough to get a picture of!