Also you could find more details about this, the timing, in the datasheet of the stepper driver. Hi Dejan, Thank you for this great tutorial. It got to be the code. Could you clarify for me which is the correct circuit? I can stop it in the code, but the motor is locked in position and keeps getting hotter the longer it is plugged in.

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Best regards Markus Reply. First we have to define the Step and Stappennotor pins. The next two 2 pins, Step and Direction are the pins that we actually use for controlling the motor movements.

As shown in the Fritzing diagram, an external power source can be connected to power the motors. If it is possible, can you give me some pointers or things to remember?

I do have a question though. After this full cycle rotation we will make one second delay, then change the direction of rotation by setting the stappenmptor on a low state and now make 2 full cycle rotations with this loop of iterations.

Stappdnmotor followed and have everything working. The lowest delay time fastest speed I managed to try was like 90, but with higher delay at the start, more thenthen lowering with the potentiometer to HI, thanks for the good tutorial.


Arduino – Stappenmotor (28BYJ)

According the Delay control the speed of the stepper motor in your code, you wrote a delay microseconds. How about if the stepper motor is connected to a belt and the positons steps and direction are controlled using push buttons?

Dit neemt echter niet weg dat het erg makkelijk is om een stappenmotor te laten draaien op de Arduino. It got to be the code. Thank you so much!

| technasium JRL

Do I need end stops to prevent this? Yet it appears as if they are at the end of the video? Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Hi Dejan Nedelkovski, congratulation and thank you for sharing this tutorial.

Your program code is so simple and understandable.

Earlier one setup I made with servo motor. I was successfully flashed my code to my Arduino Uno but when I changed one potentiometer both motor speeds would change at the same time. What should be done? Well it should be used at least 47uF.

That way it will not overheat. And as for this driver, selecting different modes is already explained in the post itself. What code needs to be added?

How To Control a Stepper Motor with A4988 Driver and Arduino

Hello Dejan, Trying to control a stepper motor with a manual pulse generator hand wheel type. My question is I want the motor to work at a slow speed all the time, can the potentiometer be replaced by a determined resistor or can it be controlled by a extra line of atduino in the initial sketch?


Sir now I want to make this thing wireless, sir I want to use 2 arduino and 2 xbee, on sending side a arduino, xbee, and stapprnmotor potentiometer will be there. Even if you just look at the basic stats of the drivers you can notice a big difference.

stappenmotor met arduino

End stops are definitely recommended have for such an application. It should work as long the power supply has enough power.

Typically sold with small geared steppers this. You can find more details about that on my Arduino Analog Inputs Tutorial: De Arduino leest deze potentiometer uit en geeft dat vervolgens door aan de servomotor. How do you wire the 12V 2A power supply to the breadboard?