The combination of the activity screen and main menu screen works well. Both colours have cyan highlights set into the casing, stylus and keyboard lettering. The recent tab has a shortcut to the activity and main menu screens together with a list of recently used applications all of which can be switched to with a single key press. The browser supports a full range of web standards and is quick to render most pages. These are used to give left and right control at various points in the UI, such as navigating between tabs or moving through the list of potential predicted words when entering text. When compared to an E61, Treo or Blackberry the difference in width is noticeable. It is an excellent personal information manager, has strong multimedia credentials and good voice capabilities.

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The basic principle is that the scroll wheel is used to highlight and then select items from a list while the back button is used to go back to the previous osny. This means you either have to switch the sorting to the appropriate type or remember the last name of your contacts when searching.

Unusually for a device that is designed to be m6600i one handed, the M has neither a direction pad nor physical keys for the on screen softkeys. If size is a priority, then you’ll certainly be drawn to the Mi.

Fortunately the M has an excellent unified messaging application. Folders or categories continued to be supported in UIQ 3 although rather than being part of the menu bar they are accessed via the More menu. This difference is immediately 6m00i in the screen layout which, in contrast to the P, provides for both one handed and two handed pen based usage.

Sony Ericsson M600

Quickoffice is able to both view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It was announced on February 6, and is the first and only product of the M series of handsets from Sony Ericsson. As of February there are still widespread problems reported with these phones for Mac users. If you are looking for a small sized messaging orientated phone then it has a lot to offer.


Sony Ericsson Mi Specs – CNET

The activity screen can be accessed by pressing the back button repeatedly until the UI returns to the home screen, or by holding down the back button for a second or so. Users who are more familiar with existing platforms may not be as happy as they will find that UIQ 3 does not always do things in the same way as their existing device.

The status bar, positioned at the top of the screen, contains the usual indicators for new messages, battery strength, Bluetooth status, and many more, but it also has two ericssob – the status bar menu and a shortcut to Task manager. Task manager can be accessed from the shortcut ericssson the status bar again not easy in one handed mode but it is also present in most application menus.

For example in contacts it is possible to send a message from the contact record screen, this calls the messaging application, once the message has been sent the phone return to the contact record.

Ericsson situation will improve over time, especially as additional UIQ devices become available, but may be a consideration for early adopters. However the lack of an import option means it is best used for mobile specific feeds or for a few of your favourite desktop feeds.

Local connectivity is very well catered for with USB, Bluetooth 2.

Sony Ericsson Mi | eBay

The Mi satisfies both these requirements. As a result, fewer keys are needed to cover the alphabet and each key can be bigger.

The arrow keys, together with the scroll wheel, back button and the finger-operated on-screen softkeys are all that is needed to navigate around the phone’s functions. New messages are also heralded by a new message dialog which pops up on screen, optionally with an accompanying sound alert.

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Sony Ericsson M600i – White Mobile Phone

The Mi supports the A2DP Bluetooth Profile for stereo music playback over Bluetooth and the music application includes a nifty feature allowing you to control where the audio is sent headset, handset speaker etc. The Mi has a reasonably generous amount of RAM, but I did find that on some occasions such as when opening large web pages with multiple applications running in the background that applications would close in the background, indicating that memory was getting low.

On Sony Ericsson UIQ 2 erkcsson this functionality was assigned ericssob the five-way scroll wheel, and the separate back button on the M, although less confusing initially, feels like a backward step. If you do not like such keyboards or plan to do a large amount of text entry then the M may not be suitable, but for short message replies and limited data entry the keyboard is more than adequate.

It can have between one and three buttons. There are occasional slow pauses between actions, but these were generally not at critical junctures. Thanks to both the keyboard and the software, the Mi is a capable messaging device. Switching Fricsson or platforms is not always an easy thing to do as existing usage patterns must be forgotten and new ones have to be learnt.

The M is available in black or white. In real use it is never more than a second or so away. The combination of the activity screen and main menu screen works well. The large majority of users will find that if they use Quickoffice to edit their documents on the road they will be mm600i to the office with full original formatting intact.