All results All results. Like Asteroids and Space War which came earlier the vector graphics monitors used a magnetic deflection tube with a feed-forward compensation for the inductance of the coils and curvature of surface for X and Y. Since aid from satellites was out of the question, the computer would have to rely on sensors to keep track of the world around it. Sure it might pick a good route if you just want shortest distance or least time but if you’re willing to add 10sec to avoid a shitshow intersection you’re gonna have to do that yourself. Etak realized that digital mapping was not just an exercise in codifying public spaces and residential addresses. With that in mind, Honey decided to call his new company Etak, which is a Polynesian term for moving navigational reference points. The latest TomTom GO navigation device integrates seamlessly with your phone.

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On December 4,TomTom shareholders approved the takeover. Honey had an acquaintance working at the United States Census Bureau on digital mapping, Marvin White, and persuaded him to join the team. On the side, he served as navigator for several marine sailing races; by the time Bushnell tapped him to be his navigator for the Transpac, he had already navigated a Transpac-winning vessel, Drifterin The iPhone was etaj about 6 months later.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. From then on, the system self-corrected: To build it, Etak had to devise technologies and collect data that are still in use today by some of the most familiar navigation apps and devices on the planet. Durrrr, apparently was already linked in the comments pgs. Soon it became clear that the team needed someone ettak understood digital mapping and had the skills in topological mathematics that were needed to store digital map data efficiently.


Etak – Wikipedia

But it seems to require ehak map orientation. The navigator is responsible for offering the captain a strategic plan regarding what path to follow. It’s very likely civilian is just a more defensive driver who understands a lot of risks can be minimized through awareness and the choices one makes.

I really don’t know what’s wrong with you people who make these claims. With that in mind, Honey decided to call his new company Etak, which is a Polynesian term for moving navigational reference points.

TomTom Road Trips

For that, the team relied on mostly off-the-shelf components. Every time I complain about it, including just a day or two right here on HN, I get a bunch of responses saying “I don’t need comments, my code is self-documenting”.

So they switched to a driver-centric viewpoint that turned and moved around a fixed point in the middle of the screen representing a car. Together with teams of digitizers, they turned public domain paper egak into digital models, using scanners and custom digitizing software. The tapes could not hold much information, so for the Los Angeles area, for example, three to four tapes were required. Notify me of new posts via email. For a display, the engineers selected a vector-based CRT, a display tube capable of only drawing lines with a single electron gun, similar to those used in oscilloscopes—as well as Atari games such as Asteroids.

I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want navigational assistance. In its time, it was a pioneer in commercializing automotive navigation systems and digital mapping, technologies that have since entered the mainstream. With that in mind, Honey decided to call his new company Etak, which is a Polynesian term for moving navigational reference points.


The storage medium had to be resistant to shock and vibrations, and able to withstand the heat of a closed car on a hot day.

How Etak Paved the Way to Personal Navigation

When the map is always oriented north, it teaches you about the city as you see your location move within gp. DonHopkins on Feb 27, After nine days without much sleep, Bushnell collapsed in his room and slept for 15 hours straight. With those tools, they could digitize maps much faster than previous methods, which typically involved manual, point-by-point entry of landmarks and roads.

But exactly how to populate those tapes with maps was by far the thornier problem. Honey, Milnes, and a few of his Etak colleagues later moved on to other tangentially navigational-related ventures, such as leading the team that created the glowing video halo around a hockey puck for televised NHL games by tracking the position of the hockey puck in the rinkand creating the digital first-down line for NFL TV broadcasts.

Today, a smartphone can provide driving directions, thanks to a GPS receiver capable of talking to a network of satellites and maps downloaded wirelessly across the Internet. That’s not to suggest that you’re either a homosexual man etk a heterosexual woman based on this datapoint alone. The company finally ceased to exist under the name “Etak” shortly after its acquisition by Tele Atlas in Leave gs Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Pizza Time hung on, gpz, after a merger with a competitor, is still with us today as Chuck E.